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Detailed Review For TC20 Bowflex TreadClimber

Bowflex Treadclimber 20 Review

 If you have heard of the Bowflex brand, than you probably think about the many different pieces of workout equipment that they have promoted in the past for the home. They usually focus on weight training to build lean muscle, and while they have done really well with that, they have innovated a different piece of the exercise world in recent years, even winning the Reader’s Choice Award in 2012. When you think of innovative equipment, you don’t think treadmill or stair climber, but combine the two and you have something worth noting. The Bowflex Tread Climber combines three machine into one and creates an all new way to workout that you will absolutely love, and will not want to stop your weight loss goals. However, is it really worth your time and money? It’s imperative to take a closer look at this machine and really weigh in on whether or not it’s worth your time.

Innovation Comes Home

The first thing that you’ll notice is the innovative design, it’s compelling, sleek, and compact. The company decided to make sure that everyone can have a good work out at home and they have done so by taking the traditional and turning it upside down. You no longer need to have a great deal of space to have workout equipment, and you can lose a great deal of weight, gain lean muscle tone, and strengthen your core with relative ease. It’s all done with walking, that’s right, walking.

The independently moving treadles allow you to target muscle groups that you would normally need several machines to do. It’s not quite the elliptical but it’s also not quite other options either, the TC20 is a step forward in innovative cardiovascular workout equipment.

Feature Rich – For the Price

When you pay for a machine that is premium in price, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting all the features that you could possibly want, and the truth of the matter is simple with the Tread Climber 20, it absolutely rocks. You will not just get a nice apparatus to use as a coat rack; this thing has been packed with features that you’ll appreciate from day one.

You start with the exclusive “G.O. Coach” which is an interactive program that establishes a path to maximize your results and achieve your goals. You will be able to customize your workouts, create a lasting impression on your body, and drop the pounds fast. You’ll also have a great deal of options to try out with several different automated personal trainer settings, and a great deal of other workouts to get you to maximize the equipment.

If that’s not enough, there is a ton of other features, including:

  • Compact Design – The Design is compact, easy to move, easy to assemble and will fit easily in a small space. There’s no long piece to pull up or down like an ordinary treadmill.
  • Monitor Everything – You’ll be able to monitor your heart rate, distance, calories, time, and much more with relative ease. You’ll find that you will know exactly what you’re doing, how well you’re doing and so much more with relative ease.
  • Easy to Read Display – The display on the TC20 is backlit so even when you’re trying to get in a late night or early morning workout, you can do so with ease.
  • Low Impact – The low impact work out is perfect for anyone that has joint issues, back issues or simply is not accustomed to hard-hitting cardio.
  • Warranty – When you invest in this option you’ll find that you will receive a 3-year warranty that covers you from a great number of issues that you might face. If nothing goes wrong, that’s great, but if something were to happen, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that it can get covered.

Is It Really Worth Your Money?

The power of this machine relies heavily on the fact that it takes all the best components of a treadmill, star climber, and elliptical. It really allows a person to have the best possible workout at home without having to deal with the stress and high impact of the other options. Many will find that for the price, this is the ultimate machine. The price is premium, but the workouts and the results that you will see in a short amount of time are really impressive.

If you’re on the fence, you can read the thousands of reviews from real customers that all say similar things, this machine is definitely worth investing into. From a design standpoint alone, this is one of the more interesting concepts in health. You can get gym results in your home with as little as 30 minutes a day. It may be hard to believe at first, but once you test this option out, you will never look back to other machines ever again. With the Bowflex Tread Climber 20, you will definitely be in the best shape of your life, and it’s 100% guaranteed.