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New: The Peak Fit System from Nautilus

Nautilus, Inc., the fitness equipment company that makes the WalkTC TreadClimber machines, has just announced a very interesting new DVD-based home exercise product called “The Peak Fit System.” It’s based around a very effective form of high-intensity cardio exercise called interval training, which involves doing short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief “recovery” periods. HIIT and “Tabata” training are 2 well known forms of this type of exercise, which has actually been proven in the lab to greatly increase metabolism, calorie burning, and fat loss.

Even the US military uses high-intensity interval training methods to improve the overall fitness levels of combat troops.

Nautilus says the new home workout program is designed to help people burn fat and lose pounds faster than other programs. In fact it’s designed to help someone completely transform their body in just 8 weeks. Well-known  fitness expert Michelle Dozois created the program and says it’s different from normal interval training programs in the way that it combines strength movements and cardio intervals. It’s designed to help the body gradually progress instead of “shocking” it the way many popular interval-based workouts do.

promo photo of Nautilus Peak Fit System DVD packageAccording to Nautilus vice president Rob Murdock:

“While interval training is one of the most popular workouts today, it can jolt and shock the body too quickly, even for those experienced with fitness… We believed what the market needed was a new approach that truly pushes the body into performing at a higher level, ultimately burning more calories throughout the day and taking the body beyond past fitness plateaus.”

Dozois, the owner of the Breakthru Fitness gym, states:

“I am thrilled to work with Nautilus, a company known for their innovative home fitness products, and to be able to give the home exerciser the same opportunity people get in our health club… The results have been amazing. People not only see physical changes in their body, but they feel good about their new body and their sense of empowerment and success carries over into their daily lives.”

The Peak Fitness System represents a new philosophy for high-intensity interval exercise and it addresses many of the complaints commonly associated with programs like P90X, Insanity, Crossfit, Tapout XT, etc. It’s designed to help the user move through plateaus quickly and easily, and avoid things like over-training, injury, and exercise burnout. It should make a very nice addition to Nautilus’ popular home exercise machines, including the WalkTC TreadClimbers, Bowflex home gyms, SelectTech dumbbells, Core Body Reformer, and other products.

Check out the new commercial for the Peak Fit System here:


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